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Beautiful Chaos Promo.  Clips of our latest CD.  Come hear us live on April 4, 2022 at MT Barrels!

Whatismu is the vision of guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Lorrie Kountz. After 30 successful years of teaching, recording and performing with various projects, Lorrie found herself searching for a personal challenge, and created a hybrid of music that expresses the deepest of emotions–without words. Collaborating with guitarist Laura Jansons, they began experimenting with different instruments, sounds, and melodies recording their ideas in their home studio. Whatismu’s demo attracted immediate attention from producers Lee and Jolee Popa, who proceeded to produce and engineer the project in Portland, Oregon. Their debut recording was released in May of 2015 on both vinyl and CD.

During the spring of 2016, Whatismu was back in the studio crafting new material. Recording their second CD release at Garden Apartment Studio in Chicago with producer/engineer John Esposito, ‘Mara’ was released September of 2016.

In 2018 Whatismu took a break from writing and performing, adding drummer Jeff Fite, bassist Art Scheer and percussionist Mike Orfanos. Changing their name to the Lorrie Kountz Band, they performed Classic Rock, Progressive Rock and originals gaining major attention in the Chicago music scene. August of 2019, LKB began morphing back into Whatismu, as the members began collaborating on new originals. Their third CD ‘Into Frenzy’ was released April of 2020.

In 2020 and early 2021, Whatismu spent time performing at Chicagoland venues, and continued to write new material.  Guitarist Eric Gulbransen also teamed up with Lorrie Kountz, Jeff Fite and Art Scheer and continued writing new music. In April of 2022 Whatismu will release their 4th CD entitled ‘Beautiful Chaos’.









“As the music evolves, expands, contracts, and doesn’t let go, you will no doubt enjoy the experience”.

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Check out ‘Mara’ from our first album.

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April 2nd, 2022

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MT Barrels Schaumburg


June 25, 2022

Madcats Palatine


Progressive Guitar Fusion

Passionate Noise









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Whatismu is always creating new music and stretching limits

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Transforming genres. Whatismu is a hybrid of progressive rock and melodic instrumental original music.

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