Meet The Band

Lorrie Kountz



Being a virtuoso in both guitar and piano, she toured the United States, Canada and Mexico and has shared the stage with U2, Scorpions, Ramones, Cramps and New York Dolls to name a few. Lorrie has written and recorded thirteen Internationally distributed CD’s/Vinyl with her projects Bitch, Surrendur Dorothi, Rash and Whatismu, highlighting several genres including Industrial, Rock and Punk.

Lorrie has appeared on television and radio specials including NBC, ABC, FOX, WGN and WTTW’s ‘Wild Chicago’ feature. She has been highlighted in major publications such as Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun Times, The Reader, Illinois Entertainer, and has been featured multiple times in Guitar Player Magazine. Most recently Lorrie has performed and recorded with Paul Barker (Ministry, REVCO) in his project Lead Into Gold.




Jeff Fite


JEFF FITE picked up his first set of sticks at a friend’s house when he was 7 years old. Early on, Jeff studied with Jake Jerger; he then spent time at Berklee before returning to Chicago where he studied with various jazz, rock, and Latin drummers and percussionists to satisfy his appetite for a deeper understanding of world rhythms. After receiving his Percussion Performance certification, Jeff played with many bands before replanting his roots around Chicago. Some of those bands include Numbers, Exposé, The Rob Zettl Trio, Mosaic, and Funk Revolution, to name a few. He has spent time playing a wide variety of genres including Jazz, Latin, Rock, Prog/rock, and funk. He also spent 15 years playing and recording with the Willow Creek Community Church music ministry. Most recently, Jeff played with Second Time Around; Chicago-based alternative rock bands FoiL, Silversmoke; Vic Lombardi and the Chicago Seven (funk, contemporary rock); Rock/New Wave band Chick Norris; Classic/Prog band the Lorrie Kountz Band; and with Country/Rock band Last Exit South. He is on staff as the drum and percussion instructor at Music Workshop in Mundelein, IL. Jeff currently plays drums for Jazzilla (jazz, Latin, funk).



Eric Gulbransen


Eric was born into a musical household where music was always on as dad was a virtuoso classical pianist.
When he found out Eric wanted to play guitar instead of piano he was crushed, but Eric was determined to take the same passion and ability of his fathers and apply it to guitar and his vision of music.
This has resulted in a lifelong journey of learning about many styles and aspects of playing guitar and music.
Living and traveling to many parts of the world opened Eric up to many musical and cultural arts.
Having heard Hendrix, Yes and King Crimson in the early formative years, he knew he wanted play all of that; at the same time.
Having played in various cover bands, it was time to put together an original project.
This led to being involved in a Crimson prog power trio, and Dorian Gray; leading the founding and forming of Nomadic Horizon in 2016.
Now he brings his full arsenal to Whatismu with the recording and performing of their 4th CD ‘Beautiful Chaos’.
Eric also teaches guitar privately, and at breaking grounds in music sharing his love for music and the guitar.






Art Scheer


ART SCHEER started playing guitar and reading music in 1963, just before the British Invasion when his early musical influences included: Little Richard, Chuck Berry, Carl Perkins, Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Buddy Holly, The Big Bopper, Roger Miller and Chet Atkins. He played Saxophone his Freshman year in High School and started playing Bass Guitar in 1972. Bass Guitarists who influenced Art the most include: Jack Bruce, John Entwistle, John Paul Jones, Chris Squires, Geddy Lee, Gary Thain, Mars Cowling, Geezer Butler, Jack Cassidy, Phil Lesh, Billy Sheehan and Allen Woody. Art played his first Professional gig in 1977 and has played with many bands in Chicagoland and Phoenix, Arizona since the late 1970’s. He has done radio interviews and has appeared on NBC, WGN and Fox television. Art plays many musical genres, including: Rock, Blues, Progressive Rock, Soul/Motown, Fusion and Funk. Art currently plays bass for The John Koziol Band and The Clams.




In The Media

Guitar Player Magazine 

“Lorrie’s recordings include her onstage guitar solos and other showcases for a variety of flashy licks, fast picking, highly skilled whammy workouts and blues licks, all couched in a commercial rock context. An incredible talent!”


Guitar Player Magazine 

“The Talented Kountz pole-vaults between pop-metal normalcy and near-atonal craziness.”


Chicago Sun Times 

“Kountz rips fiery leads on her guitar and has been a key player on the music scene for a decade”

Daily Herald

“When the stage lights flash on there is no keeping guitarist Lorrie Kountz down-listeners are treated to a show that emits non-stop energy”


Chicago Tribune

“An incredible and very powerful performer!”


Illinois Entertainer

“Lorrie Kountz is a talented lead guitarist running wrangled string leads and what sounds like folding the neck on her guitar